Nine Points To Find The Right Pool Removal Contractor

Swimming pool removal contractor

Nine Points To Find The Right Pool Removal Contractor

Are you looking to get rid of your swimming pool because you are not able to pay the cost of maintenance? Well, you have made the right decision because having a swimming pool at the backyard of the house is just a four day fun, and after that, things like the cost of running the swimming pool and temporary filling it during the winter season come into the mind. It doesn’t take too much time before one start thinking that a swimming pool is a big liability than a commodity for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Demolition an in-ground swimming pool is a task that is to be left with the professionals because they know how to do it in the right manner.

If you do it on your own, then you will not be able to do it right, plus you will ruin a number of things in the process. But, hiring a swimming pool removal contractor is not a child’s play, neither should you consider it like that. So, here are nine things that you need to keep in mind while hiring a contractor for swimming pool demolition process.

  1. Is the contractor licensed? This is the most important thing that you need to check. Does the contractor has a valid license to carry out this task? If yes, then ask the license number from him and crosscheck it with the province’s website.
  2. Ask for References: Don’t proceed until you get a good amount of references from the contractor. Ask for at least three references if not more. A good contractor will never shy away from giving you references.
  3. Don’t say yes to upfront payment: While many contractors ask for it and people also pay, but you don’t make the mistake of paying an upfront amount because then, you will see all kinds of sloppiness from him. You can pay 10% with the start of the work, and then, pay him on milestone basis. And, keep 25%-30% in the last, when the job is fully completed. Check the work thoroughly and point out all the mistakes regardless of how small they are. That will make the ground for some more savings for you.
  4. Get everything in writing: While finalizing the deal, you have to make sure that everything is done on paper. You need to make a contract with all terms and conditions properly mentioned.
  5. Understand Mechanics Lien: There are certain state lien laws, which your contractor must be aware of. Lien document needs to be signed by all the subcontractors and material suppliers who are hired by the main contractor. With this, they won’t be able to enforce any mechanics’ lien against your house.
  6. Permit to remove the swimming pool: There is a permit that you have to get in order to remove the pool. This permit will be obtained from the local government authority that is responsible for pool removals. Get the permit in writing and not.
  7. Pay on milestone basis: Like mentioned-above, you have to get payments on milestone basis, and don’t forget to get receipt after every payment. It is better to pay via cheque so that you can track the payments.
  8. Cancellation penalty: You need to mention this clause in the contract only. If there is a cancellation penalty, then you should know about it beforehand.
  9. Right to rescind: If you find in the middle of the project that the current contractor is not doing the work properly, and you want to hire someone else, then you should make such a clause in the contract to do so. Your contractor must know about this clause in order to avoid any heated arguments later on.

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With all these points in mind, you will be in a better position to hire a contractor and take work from him. If there is any doubt, then you can consult your friends and relatives, but I don’t think that there will be any requirement for that.

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What Homework Needs To Be Done Prior To Hiring A Swimming Pool Removal Contractor?

For the majority of people, removing a swimming pool is a strenuous task. Even if they realize that it can be done, they again start thinking…but how? Well, the reason behind so many doubts is simple, people want to remove a swimming pool that is made up of concrete in a safe and efficient manner.

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But, they can’t figure out how to do it, and so, they are reconsidering the decision of getting the swimming pool removed on their own. There are other questions as well, which may go through their head such as:

  1. Will the pool removal process is going to disrupt the neighbours?
  2. How will a bulldozer enter into the yard?
  3. What if the bulldozer breaks a gas line or water line?

All these questions make people doubtful. So, the only option left for them is, hire a swimming pool removal contractor. This is also not as simple as it may look as there are many contractors working in the area, so how will people be able to know, which one is the best? Well, they have to eliminate the unknowns.

The Homework

Experience matters!

Putting it simple and straight, people need to hire that company that has removed a vast amount of swimming pools. In this line of work, the more you practice, the more perfect your skills become. This is probably the reason that contracts perform lots of pool removal work. This also helps them make an impeccable track record, which results in more customers. It is just like choosing a heart surgeon for CABG. If there are two surgeons, first, who is looking to perform his/her first surgery and second, who has done a plenty of successful surgeries before. It’s obvious that the person will choose the second one because that doctor is supposed to give the desired results, as he/she has given it in the past as well. People need to pick the contractor that knows what he is doing.

Choose from the top contenders

People while searching for the contractors can take the help of their friends. There are a few things that people need to be sure about. The experience of the contractor and how many projects has been completed successfully by the contractor. All these things matter because a novice contractor will not just ruin the swimming pool, but also the area on which it was built. Getting the job done in the timely manner is another thing that people have to keep in their minds. Choosing the right contractor could make a huge difference because a reputed and experienced contractor will get the job done in a clean manner and in just a few days, whereas a novice contractor will take weeks and also put in legal hassles.

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Ask for references

Another vital thing that people have to consider is the references. Not paying attention to this step is going to burn a big hole in their pockets, plus they are going to feel the heat for a long-long time. The necessity of references becomes even more important when people are living in the areas where there aren’t too many in-ground swimming pools. People may find it really difficult to find the right contractor, which also has a vast experience. So, people need to be more agile in choosing the contractor because one wrong decision will cost them a mammoth amount of money. If people are able to get the references (preferably the recent ones), then they can take a sigh of relief because they know that the swimming pool is going to be removed in the right manner. So, to find the best concrete pool removal contractor, pay a close attention towards references.

The cost factor

Another thing that people need to be aware of is the cost of removing the swimming pool. It is better to be leery about handing over the money to the contractor prior to the start of the project. Moreover, there are certain laws pertaining to how much upfront money should a customer give to the contractor. So, people need to check out the payment procedure and how much needs to be paid upfront and what needs to be done if the work is not completed as per the requirements. They will certainly not find any issues if they hire a professional swimming pool removal company like Blue2Green because they are doing it for quite a while and they enjoy a sterling reputation in the area they work in.

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The ‘Cost Factor’ In Removing The Inground Swimming Pool

After installing an inground swimming pool, do you know what people think the very next moment? Well, they think that they will have to get rid of this pool one day. A swimming pool looks great fun initially, but after a certain period of time, when people neither have time to swim, nor have the money to pay for the maintenance of the swimming pool, they just want to get rid of it.

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The importance of getting the swimming pool removed can be found out from the fact that there are so many companies that specialize in this particular service. But, coming to the question that why people think of getting rid of their swimming pools in the first place, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons.

  1. The swimming pool requires extensive renovation and/or repair that the owner is unable to pay for, or don’t want to pay.
  2. The area on which the swimming pool is constructed has to be used for some other purpose.
  3. The owner doesn’t have any interest left in the swimming pool, and he/she just wants to get it removed.
  4. The owner has sold the house and now, the new owner(s) are not interested in having a swimming pool.

So now, coming to the question of, how much does it cost to permanently remove the swimming pool? Well, it depends upon certain features, which we will be discussing below.

Things that are involved:

People have to understand that they can’t just simply backfill their swimming pools with dirt and/or sand. What this will do is, this is going to make no way for the rainwater to get out of the pool, thus making the pool muddy and eventually a mess. There will be some pressure that will be exerted at the bottom of the pool, thus making the pool to rise up from the ground level.

A very basic pool removal process involves pulling up the deck of the swimming pool and punching holes in the liner to allow all the water to drain. After that, the swimming pool can be backfilled and be modified as a beautiful landscape. This is perhaps the easiest and the least expensive option.

Despite how much convenience this method gives to the people, it is not possible to remove the swimming pool with this kind of a method. Those who are planning to build a new structure in place of the swimming pool on the spot, then you have to get rid of the pool. But, there are certain laws that people have to be aware of while carrying out such demolition process.

The price of removing the swimming pool varies upon the size of the swimming pool, the exact things to be removed and the ease of access to the heavy duty equipment in the backyard. Every company has its own price, so people have to sit down with the contractors and ask for their rates to carry out the swimming pool removal process. People should make up their minds regarding the price. Generally, it will take around $10,000 for inground pool removal.

Two more cost factors involved

Regardless of whether the swimming pool removal project ends up on the cheap or expensive side, there is one cost that all the people have to bear, i.e., the damages to the property that will incur during the swimming pool removal process. The effect of the pool on the value of a home depends upon the place where it is located at. But, what has been observed on most occasions is that the value of the home is degraded once the pool is removed, unless the pool was in a very bad shape. People will have to consult a real estate agent in order to have a better idea about the consequences.

People need to check out the pool materials, and if they are in a good shape, then that’s a plus point because then, they can sell it to pay some cost of the pool removal process. The cost of swimming pool removal is high, but when it is compared with the cost of maintaining the pool every winter season, then it seems pretty economical. So, get your inground swimming pool removed now!

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