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At Blue 2 Green Group, we specialize in the professional removal of in-ground and above-ground pools, offering a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of the process. From the initial draining of water to the final touches of grading and sodding, our team ensures a smooth transition from pool to perfect lawn. We handle fiberglass/vinyl and concrete/gunite pools, employing specialized techniques to minimize settling and provide the best possible outcome for your property. Our approach is thorough, leaving no stone unturned from demolition to debris disposal, including the removal of pumps, filters, and heaters.



Choosing Blue 2 Green Group means selecting a partner dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction. With decades of experience, we have perfected our pool removal process, guaranteeing minimal impact on your property and maximum durability of the results. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation stands us apart in the industry. We don’t just remove your pool; we transform your outdoor space, ensuring every project aligns with our high standards and your personal vision.

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  • Draining water from the pool
  • Removing fiberglass or vinyl liner
  • Drilling drainage holes and removing debris, including disposal of all pool-related equipment
  • Demolishing concrete or gunite structures
  • Backfilling and compacting the pool cavity
  • Laying 4-8” of screened topsoil, and installing premium Kentucky Blue Grass sod


Reclaim your backyard. Contact Blue 2 Green Group today. Our team is ready to transform your old pool space into a lush, green useable lawn.

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Swimming Pool Removal: Save Your Hard-Earned Money!

Though many people are not interested in filling in their inground swimming pool, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It is better to fill in the swimming pool if it is not being used much. The cost of maintaining a swimming pool is much higher than the cost of filling it in. It is up to you to decide whether you want to fill in your swimming pool or remove it.

Fill In An Inground Pool Blue2Green

But, in order to carry out either the filling in or the removal of your swimming pool, you need to get a permit from the local government body or a municipality for that matter. There are many cities in Canada, where the authorities don’t allow people to fill it in. So, you need to check if these processes are allowed in your city or not. If they are, then the next thing for you to do is to hire a company to carry out the job.

Removing vs. Filling In a Cement or Gunite Pool

If given an option, then most people would prefer to fill-in their gunite or cement swimming pools rather than permanently removing them. This is because of the hefty removal rate that people have to pay.

The rate is around $10,000 to $20,000 depending upon the size and location. The price of the removal process includes the removal of the swimming pool, pool cement deck, the cost of dumping, filling, and grading. In order to fill a cement swimming pool, you have to shell out $4000-7000, which is lesser than the cost of removing the swimming pool. The process of filling in the pool includes punching holes at the bottom of the pool.

There is another way to fill in the swimming pool, which involves holes of 2 feet in circumference. Then, these holes are filled with crushed stone. No matter what process you choose, you are going to save a lot of bucks by filling in your swimming pool.

Procedure to remove a swimming pool

Once the floor is prepped and all the analysis has been done, then the concrete deck is broken and thrown in the deep end. The swimming pool wall is also broken off, but up to two feet in height.

There is no need to stratify the fill with multiple layers of gravel. Instead, you can use dirt to fill the swimming pool. But make sure that the dirt and the rubble are well tamped. You need to bring in many trucks filled with dirt and pour them into the swimming pool. Then, you have the option to add grass in order to make space look more beautiful.

You can also build a special structure on the space, but you will have to completely remove the swimming pool for that. To be able to create a beautiful space, it is important that every task is done in the right way. A professional pool fills-in service is what you need to get.

Removing Pools With Vinyl Liners

There are plenty of swimming pools, which have walls that are made from steel, wood, or cement. The swimming pool floors are shaped with vermiculite or sand. If you have a swimming pool that has walls made from steel, then the process of filling in can’t take place without removing the swimming pool walls. But, you need to check if the local authorities allow you to bury the steel wreckage or not.

The swimming pools whose walls are made from wood and steel also have a steel or cement collar that needs to be broken and removed. Finally, vinyl liners, plastic steps, and steel walls should be taken to the local facility where it all gets recycled. The cost is also not that high, so you can easily remove or fill in a steel or wood-walled vinyl swimming pool.

The only important thing that you have to make sure of is that you have the best guys work to fill in the swimming pool. They are going to determine the best procedure to fill in the swimming pool at the most affordable price.

Why Is It Necessary To Hire A Professional Swimming Pool Removing Company?

The process of swimming pool removal is definitely not as easy as one would think it is. There are several aspects that need to get looked at. If you think that throwing around a gigantic wrecking ball and demolishing all the walls is all that it takes, then you are wrong. The task seems pretty simple when you see someone else doing it, someone who is a professional.

So, if you want your swimming pool removed from your property, then you have to hire a professional. If you are thinking about DIY, then let me warn you that there are plenty of things that could go wrong.

But, if you have a pro working on the swimming pool, then the chances of any incident are rare. You have to understand that there are certain elements that can only be handled by professionals. They have the expertise and the experience to do a strenuous job like removing the swimming pool with great ease.

In Canada, you are going to find thousands of swimming pool removal companies; every city has hundreds of companies, so hiring the right one in itself is a painstaking task. So, if you keep the below-mentioned three elements in your mind, then you can easily get the job done by the right people.