Here are a few of the main reasons people decide to remove a swimming pool:

  • The pool needs extensive repairs/renovations that the owner can’t afford or simply doesn’t want to pay for
  • Space is needed for something else (possibly even a new, upgraded pool built from scratch)
  • The owners have lost interest in owning a pool or sold their home to someone who doesn’t want it for whatever reason
  • Thinking of selling and no one wants the house because of the pool.
  • It’s an investment property and they don’t want the risk or liability with tenants.
  • They have small children and don’t want to have their backyard used up by a pool or worried about their kids falling in.
  • Kids moved out and no one uses the pool anymore.
  • Parents are getting too old to deal with the pool.
  • People have too busy with life and no time to keep up with the pool and maintenance.
  • Some people have a cottage so don’t need the pool.
  • The swimming pool needs a lot of work and is a lot more money to repair and fix so fill it in.
  • People have dogs and need the space for their dogs to run around and play.

swimming pool removal

There is a huge number of people who build swimming pools with great enthusiasm, but after a few months or years of use, they get fed up with the maintenance costs and other liabilities that come with a swimming pool.

How much should cost to get rid of the pool?

So, what they do is, call up the swimming pool removal company to get rid of the pool. But, getting rid of a swimming pool is also not that easy because they have to bear the cost of removal, the safety of the workers and their own family members. Getting a swimming pool is an expensive venture and getting rid of a swimming pool is even a bigger costly venture.

So, if you have a swimming pool at home, which you want to remove, then you must get ready to take this headache.

If you are thinking that draining the swimming pool and filling it up with dirt and debris is going to make it happen for you, then you’re wrong. There is a lot attached to the swimming pool removal process, which only swimming pool experts and demolition contractors know.

Can I save money on the swimming pool cost?

If you start draining your pool from the dead bottom, then it will hydrate clay soil. This means, the swimming pool will start floating, which is not a good sight. Moreover, if you handover the task to the experts from that point, then they will charge you more because you have messed everything up.

In order to carry out the pool removal process, you need to take the permission of the city inspector, as that will make sure that the soil is compacted properly, and doesn’t cause erosion as well.

The demolition of a swimming pool is not as easy a process as you are thinking it is.

You have to drain the swimming pool first, then punch holes at the bottom of the pool, and finally, break down the shell using a jackhammer. This shell is made up of concrete, so it will be a tough task to get rid of it.

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After the removal of concrete, the area is filled with 6-12 inches of pebbles or rocks. The remaining area will be filled with clean dirt. While stuffing the area with dirt, it is important to check the dirt for any hazardous materials because sometimes, they do get mixed and thus, cause health problems for your family and neighbors. After the rocks/pebbles and dirt are added, the dirt is compacted and the area is smoothed off.

Talking about the most common reason given by the owner to remove the swimming pool is no requirement of the pool. When owners don’t find the swimming pool attractive but take it as a big liability that is sucking out thousands of dollars every year, then they decide that it’s time to get this structure out of the house.

If you are thinking that getting rid of the pool will save the water as well, then that’s not always the case. If you are planning to replace the pool with grass, then the water consumption is going to remain similar to what it was when you had a swimming pool in the backyard of your house.

What is the average cost to remove a swimming pool?

It is very difficult to estimate a pool fill in cost without considering all the implications:

  • type of the swimming pool
  • size of the swimming pool
  • locations
  • access to the backyard ( swimming pool )
  • how wide is space for the machine to operate
  • seasonal
  • owner custom requests

It averages around $6,000-$11,500 depending on access and size & location. For partial removal/demolition of a small- to the medium-sized pool with easy access for heavy equipment, which includes a minimal (8-10 inches) layer of topsoil, but total costs can jump to $15,000-$30,000 or more for larger pools or those with difficult access, lots of decking materials, plumbing or other structures.

Start by calling a swimming pool removal company, same as Blue 2 Green and ask, “What is the best way to eliminate my pool?” They may need to look at it to give you an accurate answer, but it’s better to get the right answer the first time than the wrong one and maybe have to pay twice. They may say you need to fill it or demolish it.

Our Clients say

Tatjana Zadravec
Tatjana Zadravec
19:38 29 Jul 22
My husband and I just purchased a house with an old leaking pool. I have zero experience with dealing with this sort of... thing but Denise was great on the phone explaining the services and holding my hand through the process. Michael arrived with crew and completed the job in two days. I can't believe how amazing they were and the job looks incredible. Thank you so much for turning our backyard into a useable and safe place. Highly recommend!read more
Chris Santos
Chris Santos
16:00 17 Jul 22
I Contacted blue to green for a project. At first it was great, they tell you everything you want to hear. The owner... even came to our property to discuss the project and see what work would need to be done to achieve what we were looking for and assured us they were able to complete the project to our satisfaction. After checking reviews and noticing that there hasn’t been a recent one I should have realized why…. They filled in the pool however the backyard was completely left a mess and unfinished. The main reason for contracting them was to fill in the pool and grade the land levelled! We spoke numerous times regarding the issues and how they would fix it which is the main reason they were contacted to help prevent water damage in the future since the backyard is sloped towards the house. Michael re assured us that the issues would be fixed however when they did the job they started taking many shortcuts and worst of all the land is still completely sloped!!!!! By the time they “finished” the backyard looks even worse then it did before they started. They say that they will leave the backyard in great shape when they are done and that you would barely know that they were even there however that was completely inaccurate. My shed is destroyed, the gate they were supposed to reinstall before leaving was only screwed in at the top and left hanging on the bottom, my land is still sloped towards my home, they just throw down the sod on top they don’t even go over it with a roller or anything leaving massive gaps and holes, they left a LOT of debris (broken flagstone, garbage, broken pipes, pieces of metal nails and screws etc. in the backyard. They broke my neighbours vent cap on the side of the house, they had a very young child on the site for 2 days even inside the equipment and running all around using my son’s scooter, asking to come inside multiple times throughout the 2 days( not for washroom purposes which we had no issues with any of the crew members using if needed) ..normally that’s not even something I would complain about except my daughter was sick during their time here working and I certainly did not sign up to provide child care on top of paying the amount of money I paid to do this project. Overall we are extremely disappointed and to make matters worse we even contacted them many times to see if we can come to a solution and they have already moved on and they are not interested in returning and completing the project. We were told, we don’t often receive negative feedback…they truly believe they did an outstanding job even though we are the paying customer and the work we paid for in full was not completed as per the contract. We only paid in full because unfortunately due to weather conditions that happened later on in the evening while they were working we got hit with heavy rains and hail and I felt bad for the crew working outside, it was after 10pm before they were even gone so I paid the last payment even though I couldn’t inspect the property due to weather conditions and the fact it was pitch black outside. I paid in good faith thinking if anything was wrong they would come back to fix it unfortunately another hard lesson learned on my behalf.If you are looking to fill in your pool and have a beautiful levelled plush green property I highly recommend looking elsewhere!read more
HP Opus
HP Opus
00:43 28 May 20
Michael & Joanne - hi. Waiting for the right time to comment on your pool demolition, backfill and lawn works that... Blue2Green did for us in September 2019, we're happy to report that the end result - our new big and beautiful backyard - is such an impressive addition to our home sweet home. The Backyard for Our Grandkids, we even call it. Thank you both and thank your hardworking crew for us, for this excellent job!read more
Regan Bucciol
Regan Bucciol
01:46 06 Jun 19
Amazing work! So happy with the results. Would absolutely recommend to anyone!
Trina Scott
Trina Scott
01:24 06 Jun 19
Had the best experience, help me out with all my needs and lovely, kind workers I recommend to everyone 10/10 ... experience.read more
Timur Shatilov
Timur Shatilov
01:14 06 Jun 19
The service was great and the job was well done. Really enjoyed the work they’ve done. My parents were happy as well,... really recommend to everybodyread more
Raychel Gilles
Raychel Gilles
18:43 29 May 19
Great work, I love how fast they managed to finish my large in-ground pool in my backyard! Would highly recommend for... great and fast resultsread more
Mike Boldis
Mike Boldis
21:00 12 May 17
I contacted Michael , the owner of Blue2Green, he did a great pool fill-in job with his pool removal company. He's team... it is very professional but what impresses me was the fact how clean these guys can work! Amazing job, thanks again !!!read more
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