How much does it cost to fill in a pool?

Deciding on Pool Removal? Consider These Compelling Reasons:

  • Extensive Repairs/Renovations: If your pool needs extensive repairs beyond your budget or desire.
  • Space Requirements: Need room for something else? Perhaps a new, upgraded pool or alternative feature.
  • Lost Interest or Change in Ownership: No longer interested in pool ownership or selling to someone who doesn’t want it.
  • Property Sale Concerns: Having difficulty selling due to unwanted pool presence.
  • Investment Property Risk: Avoid liability and risks associated with tenants and pool maintenance.
  • Safety Concerns: Worried about child safety or lack of space for children to play.
  • Underused Pool: Pool no longer in use due to empty nest or lack of interest.
  • Aging Parents: Elderly parents find it difficult to manage pool upkeep.
  • Busy Lifestyle: No time to maintain the pool amidst life’s demands.
  • Alternative Property: Already own a cottage and am not in need of a pool.
  • Pet-Friendly Space: Need space for dogs to run and play.

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swimming pool removal

There is a huge number of people who build swimming pools with great enthusiasm, but after a few months or years of use, they get fed up with the maintenance costs and other liabilities that come with a swimming pool.

How much should it cost to get rid of the pool?

So, what they do is, call up the swimming pool removal company to get rid of the pool. But, getting rid of a swimming pool is also not that easy because they have to bear the cost of removal, and the safety of the workers and their family members. Getting a swimming pool is an expensive venture and getting rid of a swimming pool is even a bigger costly venture.

It averages around $6,000-$11,500 depending on access and size & location. For partial removal/demolition of a small- to medium-sized pool with easy access for heavy equipment, which includes a minimal (8-10 inches) layer of topsoil, but total costs can jump to $15,000-$30,000 or more for larger pools or those with difficult access, lots of decking materials, plumbing or other structures.

So, if you have a swimming pool at home, which you want to remove, then you must get ready to take this headache.

If you are thinking that draining the swimming pool and filling it up with dirt and debris is going to make it happen for you, then you’re wrong. There is a lot attached to the swimming pool removal process, which only swimming pool experts and demolition contractors know.

Can I save money on the swimming pool cost?

If you start draining your pool from the dead bottom, then it will hydrate clay soil. This means, the swimming pool will start floating, which is not a good sight. Moreover, if you hand over the task to the experts from that point, then they will charge you more because you have messed everything up.

Before and After pool removal service 2

In order to carry out the pool removal process, you need to take the permission of the city inspector, as that will make sure that the soil is compacted properly, and doesn’t cause erosion as well.

The demolition of a swimming pool is not as easy a process as you are thinking it is.

You have to drain the swimming pool first, then punch holes at the bottom of the pool, and finally, break down the shell using a jackhammer. This shell is made up of concrete, so it will be a tough task to get rid of it.

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After the removal of concrete, the area is filled with 6-12 inches of pebbles or rocks. The remaining area will be filled with clean dirt. While stuffing the area with dirt, it is important to check the dirt for any hazardous materials because sometimes, they do get mixed and thus, cause health problems for your family and neighbors. After the rocks/pebbles and dirt are added, the dirt is compacted and the area is smoothed off.

Talking about the most common reason given by the owner to remove the swimming pool is no requirement of the pool. When owners don’t find the swimming pool attractive but take it as a big liability that is sucking out thousands of dollars every year, then they decide that it’s time to get this structure out of the house.

swimming pool demolition 2

If you are thinking that getting rid of the pool will save the water as well, then that’s not always the case. If you are planning to replace the pool with grass, then the water consumption is going to remain similar to what it was when you had a swimming pool in the backyard of your house.

What is the average cost to remove a swimming pool?

It is very difficult to estimate a pool fill in cost without considering all the implications:

  • type of the swimming pool
  • size of the swimming pool
  • locations
  • access to the backyard ( swimming pool )
  • how wide is space for the machine to operate
  • seasonal
  • owner custom requests

Start by calling a swimming pool removal company, same as Blue 2 Green and ask, “What is the best way to eliminate my pool?” They may need to look at it to give you an accurate answer, but it’s better to get the right answer the first time than the wrong one and maybe have to pay twice. They may say you need to fill it or demolish it.

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